Get the Coffee Stains in Your Business Addressed

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enliven (Customer Experience Management) – Get the Coffee Stains in Your Business Addressed
Customer Experience Management can be described as an ongoing process to continually meet and exceed customer expectations, while applying customer learning in a way that continuously transforms the organizations to better serve its customers. At its current point CEM is being defined in terms of the customer’s perception of their experience with the company. The thinking is that when a customer perceives positive experiences, he or she begins to feel aligned or vested with the company and then acts on behalf of the company, championing its products and services. The increased alignment delivers increased customer activity, advocacy, referrals, revenue and customer share. Ultimately, “customer’s perception of their experience with the company” is the key for any business to nurture.

Now, where did Coffee Stains come from? Almost three decades ago, an initially successful airline was People Express. They were the forerunner of Southwest Airlines: low cost, no frills and amazing service by turned on people. Donald Burr was one of the top executives. He was the one who said that if a passenger would see a coffee stain on the fold down table, he/ she would think that the technical maintenance would also be sloppy and an engine might fall off the plane.

Identify the Coffee Stains in Your Business
From the stand point of customer perception, knowing & understanding the customer is more important to identify the coffee stains in your business. Enliven strategically builds the profile for each customer based on the demographic information, usage data and your organization’s touch point transaction data. Enliven – backend engine is compatible to integrate with data sources & external system to build this information.
This provides the holistic 360 degree unified view for every customer, empowering customer service agents to empathize and act on behalf of the customer proactively rather than blindly side with the company can pay off handsomely. It helps in enriching the bond between any organization’s touch points/ call centers and your customer. Based on the pattern of usage/ consumption and transaction data, the system predicts and highlights the probable reason, whenever customer tries to reach your call center or customer support.
Addressing the Coffee Stains in Your Business
The enterprise customer profiling enables business to create a behavioral model by imposing various analytical techniques to deduce and model the customer behavioral and change in patterns in near real-time. Enliven has built-in actionable intelligence with technologically proven predictive modeling capabilities. The effective campaign management allows NBAs (Next Best Action) configurable that can be delivered to touch points of customer. The CEM process automation & response monitoring attaches the effectiveness of NBAs back to the customer profile.
This process enriches the customer engagement in providing personalized real time product offerings and promotions to individual customer or to a segmented customer base, preferred by your business need. Engaging customer with relevant offers/ products of their interest via relevant/ preferred communication channels of customer, gets you win “Customer Delight”. Winning this customer perception earns more customer advocates for your business. To summarize, it allows you to leverage the customer interactions & engagements throughout the journey of the customer lifecycle and finally, if you feel “Customer is the King” make him/ her feel it, using enliven CEM®.

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